Reducing Energy Costs in Your Home

Reducing Energy Costs in Your Home

In every home there are many easy and low cost ways to reduce energy costs. By making simple changes to your home and garden you can significantly reduce your household costs.


Turn off internal and external lights whenever you aren’t using them. Replace incandescent light bulbs with CFL and LED globes. CFL and LED globes use significantly less energy and last longer, saving you money. Install motion detectors to control lighting in frequently unoccupied areas, such as the front door or side path. Clean light fittings annually as dust  reduces their output.


Wash clothes only when you have a full load. Use cold water to wash clothes as using hot water will contribute to your energy usage and bills. Try not to use your dryer to dry your clothes. Use the clothes line to dry your clothes. On hot days you will be surprised how quickly your clothes will dry.


-Use the dishwasher only when you have a full load
-Open the refrigerator only when necessary
-Defrost refrigerators and freezers before ice buildup becomes thick & clean the refrigerator coils regularly
-Use cook top instead of oven whenever possible
-Perform scheduled maintenance on the fridge, dishwasher and oven
-Adjust door latches (if needed) and replace worn door gaskets


-Install a water efficient showerhead and flow restrictors as this will reduce your energy costs
-Have a short shower instead of a bath
-Install a solar hot water system


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