Save Energy This Winter

Save Energy This Winter

Preparing your home for winter can require effort but a once-off, hassle-free energy saver like a geyser blanket can help you save energy and the Earth's! Here's a few more energy-saving hacks that'll help reduce your bills:

Avoid leaving lights on in unoccupied rooms:

Leaving the lights on when there is no need to results in unnecessary energy wasteage and an inflated electricity bill. Switch off all lights if not in use.

Use your electric heater efficiently:

Close all doors and windows while the electric heater is on in order to conserve electricity by preventing air from escaping.

Warm up your bed:

Switch your electric blanket on an hour before bedtime. Switch it off when you get into bed. You can also save electricity by using a hot water bottle instead of an electric heater. 

Switch off appliances:

Switch off appliances such as heaters and stoves at the power point when you're not using them. They can draw up to 50% of the electricity they would use while in operation when they are switched on but not in use 

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