Erecting A Metal Fence

Erecting A Metal Fence

You can have a contractor erect your fence, but if you enjoy DIY, you can erect your own fence by following a few easy steps.

Your tools:

  • Tape Measure
  • Spirit Level
  • Pliers

Your materials for a 30m x 30m x 1.8m fence:

  • 4 x 1.8m Corner posts
  • 2 x 1.8m Gate posts
  • 10 x 1.8m Stays
  • 22 x 1.8m Standards
  • 4 x 30m rolls Fence mesh
  • 10 x Stay bolts
  • 1kg 1.6mm galvanised (tie) wire
  • 3.15mm galvanised (straining) wire (360m 1x25kg)
  • 4 x 50kg bags Concrete mix

*1.8m used for 1.2m high fence as the holes for the poles must be 600mm deep.
*2.4m used for 1.8m high fence as the holes for the poles must be 600mm deep.

Step 1:

• Once you have all the materials, mark the 4 corner posts in position. (30mx30mx30mx30m)

• Dig the holes for these 4 corner posts – 400mm wide and 600mm deep.

• Attach the gates to the gate posts to get the right spacing for the gate post holes. Now, dig the two gate post holes – 400mm wide and 600mm deep.

Step 2:

• Next to each post, you need to dig 2 holes for the stays – 400mm wide x 600mm deep. Bolt 2 stays to each post.
metal-fence-4.jpg metal-fence-5.jpg

Step 3:

• Plant all these posts – 4 corner posts and 2 gate posts with all the stays into the holes and secure with concrete mix. Make sure they are straight by using a spirit level. Leave to dry for a few days.
metal-fence-6.jpg metal-fence-7.jpg

Step 4:

• Mark out the place where the standards will be planted at 4 meter intervals between the posts. Hit these standards into the ground where you have made your markings – 600mm deep.

• Mark each standard from the ground at 600mm intervals. This is so you know where to tie the straining wires later.
metal-fence-9.jpg metal-fence-10.jpg

Optimal Option

1.8m showing standard with 4 straining wires, each 600mm apart.

Economical Option 1

1.8m showing standard with 3 straining wires, each 900mm apart.

Economical Option 2

1.2m showing standard with 3 straining wires, each 600mm apart.

Step 5:

• Starting at the bottom, closest to the ground, tie the galvanised (straining) wire to the first post and pull/strain to the next post as tightly as you can, then tie the other end to this second post.

• Then tie the galvanised (straining) wire to each standard on the marks you have made, using 1.6mm galvanised (tie) wire.

• Once the bottom straining wire is secured, you can install the next one, 600 mm above the first. Repeat until all wires are attached. Do the same to each of the 3 straining wires between all the posts.

• Make sure all these straining wires are pulled as tightly as possible and that the standards are tied as straight as possible in between them.

Step 6:

• Tie one end of the mesh to the first post, using the 1.6mm galvanised (tie) wire so you can secure it to the post.
• Then unroll the mesh towards the second pole, keeping it tight all the way along and securing it to the next pole.
• On each of the cross wires of the straining wire, tie the mesh at 500mm intervals to secure it to the structure.
• Continue to do this all the way around until the entire fence is up and secured.
metal-fence-17.jpg metal-fence-18.jpg metal-fence-19.jpg


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