How to Lay Foundation Brickwork

How to Lay Foundation Brickwork

After the concrete base has set, take some time to mark the position of the walls and establish the corner posts against which the foundation walls will be built. This step is important to make sure the footings are level and in the correct place for the building.

Your tools:

• Spirit level
• Builders line
• Spade
• Hammer
• Square
• Compactor
• Brick course gauge
• Wooden or aluminium straight edge
• Wheelbarrow
• Pick

Foundation Brickwork

Find the corner with the highest foundation level. Put a peg in at this part, making sure it is long enough to extend 200mm above ground level. Mark brick courses on this peg with a course gauge. Put pegs in all other courses in the same way making sure they are all level with the first peg. (Use a water gauge to check the level).BRICKWORK1-(1).jpg
Put strings back onto the nails marking the wall position.
Mark the wall position on the foundation concrete, using the strings as a reference and a spirit level to ensure the position is correct. A chalk line can be used to mark the position once two ends are marked.
Remove the strings and use a chisel to mark the chalk line into the concrete.
Lay bricks dry on the concrete foundation to form a corner. Check that joints are 10mm apart and mark the concrete accordingly. Remove bricks, lay a bed of mortar and set bricks as marked, making sure joints are 10mm apart. Build up corners, making sure courses are level and plumb.
Build up all corners, making sure each corner is level with the others by checking against the corner pegs. When corners are complete, build the walls between the corner sections to 200mm above ground level. Some sections may be higher.

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