How to pour and set foundations

How to pour and set foundations

The correct setting of the foundations will ensure that the concrete base is of the required thickness and width to provide stability and take the load of the walls. If the base is too deep it will do more than just waste concrete; it will not be able to support the structure.

Your tools:

• Spirit level
• Builders line
• Spade
• Hammer
• Square
• Compactor
• Brick course gauge
• Wooden straight edge
• Wheelbarrow
• Pick

Step 1

When digging is complete, to a depth of ±600mm, ensure the sides are plumb and the bottom level.


Step 2

Put pegs in the bottom of the trench, about 1.5m apart and 200mm high. This will mark the depth of the concrete. Steps in the base should be the same height as a brick course. All pegs must be completely level.


Step 3

The foundations must be poured in one day. Start pouring the mixed concrete from one end and make sure it is level with the pegs.


Step 4

Level the concrete to the pegs and ram down to remove air spaces. Leave to set for 3 days before building.


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